What happens in Europe, stays in Europe.


Send transactional emails through
servers solely based in Europe.

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We’re Remails — a transactional email provider based in Europe. You can very easily send your transactional emails via us without worrying that your data will leave Europe. We offer all convenient features and take precious care of your deliverability rates.

How does it work?

Add your sending domain

We will verify the SPF & DKIM records

Configure you application

And start sending emails through SMTP or via the HTTP API

Email is delivered!

We will take care of the deliverability!

100% GDPR-compliant

Hosted in Europe

ISO27001 & ISO9001
certified (soon!)

Our servers are located in Frankfurt, but we can setup a dedicated mailserver for you on any location you prefer.


Remails helps organisations handle their transactional
emails within the borders of Europe.

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